Logos, Branding, Templates

To maintain the integrity of the college’s identity and follow the University’s logo registration transition, FACS has downloadable logos for departments, centers/institutes/clinics, and outreach units. Consistent visual images and communication styles promote our mission with UGA, the College, and our larger community. This is how we tell our story.


All merchandise (such as t-shirts, hats, pens, sunglasses, or any other type of promotional material) associated with FACS must include an approved UGA logo. In addition, permission must be obtained prior to using any form of a UGA logo on a printed product. Please download the logo approval form below, which the requestor must submit to the UGA Trademarks office for approval along with a final draft of the artwork before payment can be processed.

Download University-Level Logos  Download College-Level Logos 

Download UGA Logo Approval Form

Logos for Departments

Logos for Centers/Institutes/Clinics

Logos for Outreach

Any faculty and staff needing unit-specific logos or alternative file formats should email brandi.herrin@uga.edu.

Branded Merchandise Orders

Placing a merchandise order can be confusing and tricky - but we are here to help! Follow the link below for a step-by-step guide on placing a merch order.

Placing a Merchandise Order - Guide

Email Signatures

Go to UGA's Email Signature Builder to build a signature with the UGA logo.

For a FACS-oriented signature, view your department's logos above and click "DOWNLOAD EMAIL SIG" in the "For Screen - PowerPoint, Web, computer graphics" section.

Social Icons

All UGA-affiliated social media pages should have branded icons. For assistance uploading your profile badge, contact Brandi.

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