Student Support

This page contains resources for faculty and staff to support students.

Student Care and Outreach

The mission of Student Care & Outreach is to coordinate care and assistance for all students, undergraduate and graduate, who experience complex, hardship, and/or unforeseen circumstances, by providing individualized assistance and tailored interventions. The office is a great start point no matter the student need. Students, faculty, and staff can reach out to the office directly for support. Download this presentation for your eLC module and in class use. 

Bulldog Basics

Housed in FACS, Bulldog Basics provides hygiene and self-care items to UGA students at no cost through donations. 

UGA Financial Hardship

Financial circumstances can change quickly, at times in ways outside a student's control. We understand financial hardship can bring significant stress and impact on their ability to succeed and flourish at UGA. This page offers guidance and resources to help students understand all of the available options in times of financial hardship. 

Division of Academic Enhancement

UGA’s Division of Academic Enhancement empowers all students to achieve success with innovative courses, programs, services, and student-centered initiatives. The DAE supports students as they transition into higher education and sustains their progress through the University’s unique academic environment. 

FACS Student Engagement

Student involvement is an important part of a holistic student experience. We provide opportunities for FACS students to get engaged with other students, professionals, faculty, and alumni.

Career Center

Utlize the Faculty/Staff Guide to learn more about Career Center services. Via this request form, you can upload career/mentoring content directly into your eLC course using seven career development and mentoring modules. Each module contains an associated checklist of activities for students to guide them through each module. Jeesica McLeod is our FACS Career Consultant. 

Campus Resources

This page provides additional resources for faculty and staff to support student success.

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