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Nutritional Sciences

  • Jennifer Ray

    Jennifer Ray

    Featured Graduates

    Diabetes diagnosis led to lifestyle change, passion for helping others

  • Jackson Call

    Jackson Call

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Call drawn to people-centric focus of dietetics major

  • Katie Tomlinson

    Katie Tomlinson

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Dietetics combines Tomlinins's passion for nutrition with the ability to help others

  • Sydney Munnnagle

    Sydney Munnnagle

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Wisconsin native found a major she loved in nutritional sciences

  • Molly Piller

    Molly Piller

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Close-knit nature of FACS has helped pre-med student build community

  • Tyler Roof

    Tyler Roof


    Inspired by trailblazers, Roof motivated to keep pushing boundaries for the next generation of women in sports

  • Jake Conner

    Jake Conner


    Nutritional sciences faculty helped prepare Conner for a career helping people as an Extension agent

  • Ayeley Theodora Afantchao

    Ayeley Theodora Afantchao

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Childhood bout with malnutrition inspired her passion for knowledge

  • Tess Abraham

    Tess Abraham

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Abraham credits the Ambassador program for creating an amazing community that makes UGA feel like home

  • Kaitlyn Leonard

    Kaitlyn Leonard

    Current Students, Current Ambassadors

    Nutritional sciences major says college is a 'family full of opportunity'

  • Meredith Halleck Vincent

    Meredith Halleck Vincent


    Dietetics grad credits FACS faculty for pouring into her, instilling confidence in her abilities

  • Amanda Frothingham

    Amanda Frothingham


    Frothingham has used her dietetics degree to create a private practice and build a big following on social media

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