Barron Wallace

Barron Wallace

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Well-rounded curriculum helped shape Wallace's career path


Lilburn, Ga.


Major: Furnishings and Interiors. Minor: Historic Preservation, College of Environment & Design

  • Graduating Summa Cum Laude (May 2024)
  • University Architects Interiors and Space Planning Intern (May 2023-May 2024)
  • Redcoat Band (August 2021- January 2024)
  • Student Employee of the year Nominee (2024)
  • Kravet Textile Design Distinction (2022)
  • UGA President’s List (2021)
  • Hope Scholarship Recipient (2019-24)
Why I chose my major

I have always been passionate about creatively leaving a place better than I found it while helping people in the process. I found interior design to be the niche that satisfied all of these values for me. "Home" is so incredeibly important to our growth, health and development, not just at an early age but throughout our lifespan. We all have different needs, whether that be physically or mentally, for what we require in a home. I love working with clients to help them get the most out of their space and leaving a positive impact on where they call home. 

What I like most about FACS

From the College of Family and Consumer Sciences I have had an opportunity to explore many diverse facets of my field including interior design, housing policy and human development. All of these opportunities provided to me through FACS have impacted what I want to do with my degree and given me a well-rounded education to get there. 

Post-graduation plans

After graduation I plan to stay in Georgia and work in an interior design or architectural firm. From there I want to learn the skills to start my own business while also pursuing an NCIDQ certification and the possibility of pursuing a master's program. It is important to me that I get more experience in this field after graduating, before I determine what certifications and graduate education I may want to pursue. I am also interested in pursuing a non-profit aspect to design and housing policy, helping individuals who may not be able to afford designers, contractors or other services, maintain a healthy home environment and get the most out of their investment in their home. 

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