Camryn Cobb

Camryn Cobb

Alumni Office, Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Author, doctoral student drawn to the college's mission of emphasizing well-being


BSFCS, Consumer Journalism, 2021

M.S., Applied Consumer Analytics, 2022

Ph.D., Consumer Economics, in-progress

What attracted you to FACS and how would you describe your experience in the college so far?

I was really attracted to FACS’ mission to center individuals’ well-being. I have always been pretty altruistic, so it felt like a perfect fit. I have been able to work with like-minded people to do work that we really care about, and I find it fulfilling. Everyone in our college is super supportive and has created a wonderful environment to learn in. 

Tell us more about the sustainability grant you received. How did you come up with the idea and what are you looking to accomplish with the project?

Dr. Dee Warmath and I have facilitated the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Design Sprints in the past, and we thought it would be cool to apply our design sprint model to a new topic. I have always been interested in sustainability, and I feel it is very important to keep it at the forefront of our minds. This project will allow students to create innovative ideas that tackle sustainability issues on campus. I hope they feel motivated to incorporate sustainability practices in their future work. Creating ideas that help to solve complex problems can be fun!

You've also written a memoir. Can you tell us more about that project and what you learned along the way while writing it?

I wrote this book through a book writing workshop, the Creator Institute. When I was thinking about what I would want to write a book about, I thought I should write about what I know best - my own experiences. I began to write about all of my experiences growing up in South Georgia as a biracial person in a small town. I highlighted my journey discovering my own racial identity, personal politics and purpose. Writing this book helped me discover my greater passion of learning and teaching about race. My research now focuses on marginalized populations. 

What are your career aspirations?

I hope to become a professor and/or work at a non-profit or think tank researching marginalization and race along with writing more books and working on documentaries on the topic. 

What are your hobbies?

Writing, going to the beach, concerts and reading

Favorite memory of your time at UGA and FACS

Going downtown with my best friends after winning the SEC Championship my freshman year and attending FACS Day at the Capitol as a sophomore.

What would you say to a high school student or even a current UGA student about why they should consider FACS?

FACS allows you the flexibility to become whoever you want to be beyond your major or career choice. College is more than preparing yourself for a particular career. FACS prepares you to be an informed citizen, good neighbor and team player. This allows you to pursue a multitude of career paths and passions. 

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