Human Development and Family Science Major

Students majoring in HDFS will study individuals and families across the lifespan in the context of their communities.


Students will challenge assumptions about individuals and families as they learn how to critically read and analyze research. Students will apply their knowledge through Experiential Learning opportunities and identify career opportunities related to human development.

Learn about

  • Lifespan and family development
  • The reciprocal influence of social, cultural, and historical contexts
  • Diverse family structures and functions

Learn how to

  • Think critically and apply theory, research, and ethical practices
  • Generate and effectively communicate knowledge
  • Provide educational, counseling, and advocacy services needed for children and families to function more effectively

Child Life Emphasis

The Child Life Joint Program is a partnership between UGA and Augusta University. The program prepares students to work as a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) to support children’s social-emotional needs in health care settings.

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Faculty Members

Meet a Student: Sarah Beth

We have incredible faculty in the HDFS department who connect our course content to relevant issues, constantly improve their teaching strategies, and are committed to supporting us as future family science professionals.

Marianne Lamarche - Spring '23 graduate
Marianne Lamarche
Catherine Arra

I loved how the coursework gives a well-rounded education on policy, development, sociology, and theory analysis. This degree gives you so many career options, and I think does a wonderful job at preparing you for so many aspects of life.

Catherine Arra - Spring '23 graduate
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