Noble receives UGA Early Career Scholar Award
April 20, 2023
Contact: Emily Noble  | 651-246-0377  | More about Emily

Emily Noble, assistant professor in the department of nutritional sciences, has received a UGA Early Career Scholar Award for her work investigating how the brain controls feeding behavior and energy balance.

Noble has made advances in research on eating behavior, focusing on the neurobiology of food consumption, impulsivity, working memory, gut microbiota and obesity.

She studies the bidirectional nature of the neural control of food intake, providing insights into how nutritional factors affect brain functions, including impacts on specific neural circuits. In published studies, she has addressed how diets high in saturated fat and sugar affect neurocognitive functioning.

Her research on obesity and cognitive dysfunction has become a focal point in evolving understanding of obesity’s causes and consequences.

The Early Career Scholar Awards, established by the UGA Research Foundation, recognize junior faculty whose research, creative and scholarly achievements indicate a trajectory toward an exceptional, sustained research career and an imminent rise to international stature in their field of study.

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