Jermaine Durham

Assistant Professor of Housing and Community Development

Jermaine Durham is an Assistant Professor of Housing & Community Development and the Director of the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Doctor of Philosophy Planning, Design, and the Built Environment Clemson University 2019
Master of Science Urban Studies and Planning Savannah State University 2012
Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Georgia Southern University 2008


My research concentrates on analyzing socioeconomic inequality in American society, with a particular emphasis on housing policy and the built environment as analytical lenses. Housing, as a component of the built environment, serves as a medium that reflects, perpetuates, and reinforces systemic inequalities based on class, race, gender, and space in the United States. I aim to investigate the role of the built environment, specifically housing, as a mechanism in perpetuating socioeconomic disparities. Furthermore, I explore avenues through which community organizing and development can empower disadvantaged communities to improve local housing and neighborhood conditions.

As the Director of the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing and Associate Director of the Center for Housing and Community Research, I integrate academic expertise with public service and outreach.  My scholarship includes practical guides and journal articles addressing critical community issues.  Through extensive outreach and engagement, my goal is to support local leaders and stakeholders as they work to advance their communities towards improved living conditions, enhanced quality of life, and heightened economic vitality.    


Affordable Housing Management, FHCE 5310/7310

Housing & Community Development, FHCE 4340/6340

Graduate Teaching Seminar, GRSC 7770e


Director of the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing

Housing & Community Extension Specialist


Journal Articles

Skobba, K., Durham, J.& Diaz-Valenzuela, J.F. (forthcoming). Achieving equitable access to housing through a community-based approach. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Shannon, J., Skobba, K., and Durham, J. (2023). Landlords and housing quality in rural Georgia: Assessing the relationship. Housing Policy Debate. 

Shannon, J.; Skobba, K.; Durham, J.; Polak, C. (2020) “Really Knowing” the Community Citizen Science, VGI and Community Housing Assessment” Journal of Planning Education & Research 

Durham, J.; Tucker, C. (2020) “The CARES Act: What Renters in Georgia Need to Know”. University of Georgia Extension

Durham, J.; Tucker, C. (2020) “The Eviction Resource Guide”. University of Georgia Extension

Profesional Reports

Skobba, K., Dorfman, J., Durham, J., Kane, S., Shannon, J., & Watkins, M. (2022). Economic Impact of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits in Georgia. Prepared for the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition

Durham, J. (2022) Georgia Initiative for Community Housing 2022 Annual Report

Durham, J., & Wolf, M. (2022). Georgia Initiative for Community Housing 2021 Annual Report

Durham, J., & Jones, S. (2021). Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Heirs' Property Prevention & Resolution Funder's Forum Briefing Book

Durham, J., & Wolf, M. (2021). Georgia Initiative for Community Housing 2020 Annual Report:

White, M., Walreven, T., Skobba, K., Shannon, G., Durham, J. (2019). Housing Assessment Guide. UGA Housing and Demographic Research Center.

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