Raha Saremi

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Materials Researcher and Lab Manager

361 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602




Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Polymer, Fiber & Textile Sciences University of Georgia 2013-2018
M.Sc. Fiber & Textile Engineering Tehran Polytechnic 2007-2009
B.Sc. Fiber & Textile Engineering Tehran Polytechnic 2002-2007


Research interests lie in the area of functional coatings, nanofibers, nanocellulose materials, textile dyeing, polymer thin films, bioplastics/biocomposites, and smart textiles.

Areas of Expertise

Research and Development, Nonwoven Processing and Characterization, Composite Reinforcement, Industrial and Product Design, Micro and Nanofibers, Color Data Analysis, Fiber, Polymer and Textile Testing, Manufacturing and Products, Supply Chain, natural and synthetic polymers and yarn spinning, Testing Protocols ASTM/AATCC, Statistical Data Analysis, denim fabrications and finishes, Textile Process and Apparatus, Experimental Design and Quality Control, Cellulose and Nanocellulose (NFC and NCC) Processing and Analysis, Fatigue behavior in fibers, yarns, and fabrics, Smart Fabrics


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Eleonora M. Costa Graduate Scholarship University of Georgia October 2017
Jones-Anderson Family Endowment University of Georgia May 2017
Graduate Student Travel Funding-Costa Fund Award University of Georgia September 2016
L. Frank and Georgia D. Rodgers Graduate Student Award University of Georgia August 2016
Sustainable Textile Dyeing Using Nanocellulosic Fibers won the first prize (EUR 50,000). Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge April 2016
Textile dyeing using nanocellulosic fibers. US Patent Application: 20160010275. January 2016
AATCC Foundation Grant American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists December 2015
Jones Anderson Family Endowment scholarship University of Georgia October 2015
Iris Price Dover Scholarship University of Georgia October 2014
Gwendolyn Brooks o’Connell Scholarship University of Georgia November 2013
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