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Customer Experience Learning Lab

The Customer Experience Learning Lab (C.E.L.L.) focuses on discovering fast-changing consumer behaviors and touch-points with state-of-the-art technologies.

What we do

This interdisciplinary facility supports students and faculty to advance current knowledge on merchandising, the fashion/retail industry, and customer experiences combined with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). We aim to explore influential factors on consumers’ application and acceptance of new technologies, including virtual stores. This lab is centered on using empirical and behavioral science methodologies to study consumers as they interact with various forms of digital mediums.

Areas of research

  • User-centered interaction in a unified commerce environment
  • Application of advanced technologies to improve touch-points
  • Development of consumer-object interaction interface
  • Analysis of personal and situational factors
  • Consumer psychographic in advanced technology applications (e.g., virtual reality) 

Current technologies in place

  • Portable eye-tracking glasses
  • Virtual reality system
  • IMotion Suite
  • RGB-D sensors

In the News

Meet Our Students

Ziyou (Yoyo) Jiang, Ph.D., Class of  2024

Ziyou (Yoyo) Jiang, Ph.D., Class of 2024

Ziyou investigates the impacts of advanced technologies (e.g., AR, VR, and AI) on consumer psychographics and behavior in various fashion contexts. She has presented her research at several international conferences (i.e., ITAA) and published proceedings. 

Yujun Lin, M.S., Class of 2024

Yujun Lin, M.S., Class of 2024

Yujun is interested in adopting digital technology in textiles and fashion and analyzing consumers’ behaviors when using these new technologies. 

Daisy Little, M.S., Class of 2024

Daisy Little, M.S., Class of 2024

Daisy explores the impacts of technology on fashion trends and the perception of the self. She is interested in the effects of history and technology on consumer trends and decision-making processes.  

Matthew Cates, B.S., Class of 2025

Matthew Cates, B.S., Class of 2025

Matthew is an undergraduate student majoring in Consumer Economics. His research centers on user experiences with technology (e.g., self-avatar in digital platforms) and their impact on shaping perceptions. Matthew was a CURO summer fellow and continues his research in C.E.L.L.

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